Colored Pencil Confidence

Are you one of the many people who believe Colored Pencil is intimidating? You're about to discover that it is anything BUT intimidating. This workshop will transform both your knowledge of how to use colored pencil and ignite your desire to teach it! Prepare to cultivate confident student artists who create amazing drawings with colored pencil!

*This workshop is perfect for both new and veteran art teachers - downloadable student tutorials and no prep classroom resources provide everything you need to teach this medium successfully to all students.

What's Included:

SIX Workshops in ONE

  • Live Workshop Recording

    2-hour workshop presentation covering all the essentials of teaching Colored Pencil with success for all students - live demonstration of color mixing, blending, layering, how to create gorgeous hues, values, a chromatic black and much more!

  • Additional Step-by-Step Tutorials

    FIVE additional tutorials - fully narrated step-by-step colored pencil instruction - Tiffany provides numerous tips and tricks for success teaching Colored Pencil as she walks you through drawing each object in detail from start to finish.

  • No Prep Classroom Resources

    Not enough room to list them all here - scroll down to see everything you get - ready to use and easy to prep skill builders, high quality reference images, rubrics and more, these resources make teaching Colored Pencil a breeze!

Course Curriculum

Here's everything you get inside this Comprehensive Colored Pencil Course - keep scrolling, it's a lot!

  • 1

    Colored Pencil Workshop Presentation - Red Plum Demo

    • Workshop Presentation

    • Workshop Notes on Colored Pencil

  • 2

    Green Pear Colored Pencil Demo

    • Green Pear Colored Pencil Demo

  • 3

    Yellow Pear Colored Pencil Demo

    • Yellow Pear Demo

  • 4

    Orange Gummy Bear Colored Pencil Demo

    • Orange Gummy Bear Demo

  • 5

    Red Apple Colored Pencil Demo

    • Red Apple Demo

  • 6

    Green Apple Colored Pencil Demo

    • Green Apple Demo

  • 7

    Classroom Resources

    • Workshop Notes for Students - Blank

    • Workshop Notes for Students - Completed

    • Colored Pencil Brand Comparison Chart

    • Colored Pencil Custom Color Creation Worksheet

    • Folder of Colored Pencil Workshop Reference Photos

    • Colored Pencil Skill Builder Worksheet

    • CP Two Image Skill Builder Worksheet

    • CP Value Scale and Sphere Half Worksheet

    • CP Sphere Practice Worksheet

    • Sphere Reference Sheet

    • CP Sphere Sketchbook Rubric

  • 8

    Intro to Colored Pencil Classroom Lesson

    • Teacher Directions - Intro to Colored Pencil Lesson

    • Intro to Colored Pencil Student PowerPoint

    • Student Notes with 3-Part Value Scales

    • Student Notes with 5-Part Value Scales

    • Colored Pencil Intro Notes Filled In Three Part Value Scales

    • Colored Pencil Intro Notes Value Scales Filled In Five Part Value Scales

    • Rubric CP Value Scales Worksheet

    • Reference Sheet Value scale small

    • Colored Pencil Intro Notes Filled In Three Part Value Scales

    • Terms of Use Agreement

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor/Art Curriculum Designer

Tiffany Fox

Owner & Art Curriculum Designer at MrsTFox Resources LLC specializing in original quality instructional resources designed to enhance excellence in the art classroom. Resource materials ranging from teaching beginner to advanced art at the middle or high school level. Courses can also be successfully utilized by the novice, intermediate or advanced 2D artist.

Teach with Confidence

This art workshop has it all! Take your Art Teacher Drawing Game to the next level and watch your students excel with Colored Pencil!