• 2-Hour Workshop with Q&A Session

    Sit back and relax as Tiffany walks you through the complete process of teaching pencil portraits to beginner artists. This workshop recording covers everything you need to know, from supplies to final project, expectations, practice and project timeline.

  • 7 Ready-to-Go Student Video Tutorials

    Take the guesswork out of teaching your students with included easy-to-follow tutorials - simply share on your online teaching platform for seamless instruction and support as your students begin the portrait drawing process

  • Ready-to-Use Classroom Resources

    Teaching portraiture is a breeze with this comprehensive set of resources - everything from 60+ facial features reference images, to guided notes, to practice worksheets, to rubrics, to the final project presentation, to student work examples - it's all here! Scroll down to see everything included

Your Kids Can Do This!

Lots of students say, "I really like to draw but I can't draw people". Well, get ready to dispel that mindset once and for all. This workshop will help you get kids to slow down and buy in to the fact that they CAN indeed draw people, and it is much easier than they think. You'll learn step-by-step, feature-by-feature, a scaffolded approach to teaching portraiture . It's as simple as having the kids work through a series of exercises perfecting their ability to draw features, then move on to draw the final portrait with ease! All student work on this page (including the main banner image at the top) is Beginner Drawing (grades 9-12) with NO prior portrait experience.
Black Pencils arranged in line on top of a portrait

Course curriculum

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    Teaching Portraiture - A Scaffolded Approach Workshop

    • Teaching Portraiture - Workshop Video

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    Classroom Resources

    • Terms of Use

    • Drawing Practice Features Worksheet

    • Drawing the Eye Skill Builder

    • Drawing the Hair Skill Builder

    • Drawing the Mouth Skill Builder

    • Drawing the Nose Skill Builder

    • Features Practice Assignment

    • Guided Notes Eyes

    • Guided Notes Hair

    • Guided Notes Mouth

    • Guided Notes Noses

    • Guided Notes Proportions of the Human Head

    • Portrait Drawing Lesson Tutorial Video Links

    • Portraiture Guided Notes Student Presentation PPT

    • Portrait Workshop Presentation

    • Presentation for Students - Expressive Self Portrait

    • Presentation for Teachers

    • Reference Sheet - Eyes

    • Reference Sheet - Hair

    • Reference Sheet - Mouth

    • Reference Sheet - Nose

    • Facial Features Rubric

    • Graphite Portrait Short Form Rubric

    • Value Scale - Small

    • Video Tutorial Links for PPT Workshop Videos

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor/Art Curriculum Designer

Tiffany Fox

Owner & Art Curriculum Designer at MrsTFox Resources LLC specializing in original quality instructional resources designed to enhance excellence in the art classroom. Resource materials ranging from teaching beginner to advanced art at the middle or high school level. Courses can also be successfully utilized by the novice, intermediate or advanced 2D artist.

Teach portraiture successfully!

Take the fear, stress and the hours of prep out of teaching portraiture - everything is done for you - you only need to print the materials, upload the tutorials and GO! The unit runs itself!

  • Take the stress out of teaching kids how to draw people

  • Greatly reduce valuable teacher prep time

  • Deliver a Portrait Drawing Unit that guarantees results

  • Build confidence and reduce apathy in young artists

  • Enjoy a Portrait Drawing Unit that kids can easily understand

5 star rating

Great Workshop

Terryl Myrholm-Bonner

Great Information ! Thanks so much!!

Great Information ! Thanks so much!!

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5 star rating

Lots of great resources in this workshop

Allecia Kruser

Another great course by Mrs.TFox! I appreciate that all of her worksheets and presentations are ready to go, or can be modified to my students.

Another great course by Mrs.TFox! I appreciate that all of her worksheets and presentations are ready to go, or can be modified to my students.

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